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Rooftop Packaged Unit
Cooling Capacity:12kW-300kW
Application Areas:• Large and light Commercial buildings (Retail, Airports, Restaurants, shops, petrol stations…)
• Cinemas, Theaters
• Industrial buildings and Logistic centers
Outstanding Technology:• Energy efficient solution
• Cost effective package for fast and easy installation
• Multiple heating options available
• Fresh air control and free cooling management
• Wide choice of communication interfaces
Optional Functions:• Free cooling function for low ambient temperature
• Heat recovery
Air Cooled Modular Chiller and Heat Pump
Cooling Capacity:60kW-260kW
Application Areas:Offices, Hotels, Hospitals,Industry, Administration, Light commercial and residential buildings
Outstanding Technology:• Very high efficiency with R410A
• Very low noise operation
• R410A scroll compressors
• Advanced control
• Unit with pump and optional buffer tank
• Very compact for outdoor or indoor installation
Optional Functions:Paddle flow switch; Metallic filter for hydraulic circuit; Water pump; Rubber antivibration mounting; Heat recovery functions
Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
Cooling Capacity:80kW-160kW
Application Areas:Industry process, precision, traditional manufacturing, food processing, government project, pharmaceutical.
Outstanding Technology:• High efficiency scroll compressor, shell and tube type and environment friendly R410a Refrigerant.
• Multi units parallel technology, more compressors parallel design to save more power, heat recovery function.
• Micro computer control, each modular unit running independently. Integrated control is an optional.
Optional Functions:• Desuperheater as optional
• Electronic controller with BMS system.
Water Cooled Packaged Unit
Cooling Capacity:2.5kW-45kW
Application Areas:• Offices, Hotels, Hospitals
• Industry
• Administration
• Commercial buildings
Outstanding Technology:• Saving space
• Galvanised steel construction
• AMWCP are well insulated to minimise condensation and attenuate noise.
Optional Functions:• Split type
• Vertical type
Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit
Cooling Capacity:
Air flow: 340m³/h-2380m³/h
Application Areas:Bureaux, business building, superstore, hotel, hospital, bank, apartment and amusement place.
Outstanding Technology:• Install type: horizontal concealed/exposed type and vertical concealed/exposed type
• External static pressure 12pa, 30pa and 50pa can be choosed
• Airfoil ABS wind wheel with high efficiency and U type bend pipe design
Optional Functions:• On-board thermostat and remote thermostat
• Electric heater
• Return air box
• Balancing valve
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