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Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit
Application areas
• Bureaux, business building, superstore, hotel, hospital, bank, apartment and amusement place.

Why this choice?
• Install type: horizontal concealed/exposed type and vertical concealed/exposed type
• External static pressure 12pa, 30pa and 50pa can be choosed
• Airfoil ABS wind wheel with high efficiency and U type bend pipe design

Efficient and energy saving

Efficient ABS blower which is light weighted while statically and dynamically balanced.

Excellent thinwall copper tube and efficient hydrophilic aluminum fin are under water pressure bonded treatment. Patent inverse crossing circuit to reach the best heat transfer efficiency. Brass water distributor is used for improving water flow distribution, in order to provide better heat transfer effect.

Quiet operation

Low noise and permanent capacity motor, unique ABS centrifugal blower, all of them pass dynamically balance test, to ensure unit operate quietly and efficiently.

3-speed motor, ball bearing, long lifespan; rubber vibration isolator reduces operation noise.

Stable and reliable

U-shaped tube bending, reducing soldered dot and leakage point.

Drain pan is made of high grade stainless steel plate, modeling processing; surface has been under hot dipped electroforming painting treatment. 7mm PE thermal insulation foam is applied on the drain pan to prevent condensation and leakage from occurring. Furthermore the width and length of the drain pan has been specifically designed to accommodate the water drop from the water inlet/outlet and electrically operated valve.There is fuse in power supply inlet side to prevent motor burned because of wrong wiring. Reliable and stable motor which enjoys good reputation in the market.

Different models

• Static pressure: 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa.

• Fan coil unit series: horizontal exposed type, horizontal concealed type, vertical concealed type, vertical exposed type, cassette type, large air volume FCU.

• Accessories: 3-speed switch, return air box, extended drain pan, electronic two-way valve, electrical heater, air cleansing module.

All above are for your selection.


● Ceiling concealed type

● Cassette type

Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit
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