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Water Cooled Packaged Unit
Application areas
• Offices, Hotels, Hospitals
• Industry
• Administration
• Commercial building

Why this choice?
• Saving space
• Galvanised steel construction
• AMWCP are well insulated to minimise condensation and attenuate noise.


Galvanised steel construction, closed cell foam lined compressor and fan compartments, with an insulted and powder coated drain tray for complete moisture protection, the drain tray is easily removed for inspection and cleaning.


Each unit is factory charged with refrigerant R410a, which is deemed to have zero ozone depletion potential.

Hermetic compressor

Single phase rotary compressor is used for this type unit, with built-in thermal overload cut-out, mounted on rubber vibration dampers.

Centrifugal fan

High efficiency, double inlet centrifugal fan Protection level IP44. Low noise, low speed, big air flow and high ESP.

Water side heat exchanger

High efficiency coaxial heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.

Air filter

An optional filter integrated return air spigot is available on all models.The filter is a washable polypropylene net media. Care should be taken, when locating each unit, that to enough space is provided to enable the one-piece filter to be withdrawn to its full length from either side of the unit.


AMWCP are well insulated to minimise condensation and attenuate noise.

Electric heater(optional)

Electric heater is optional on cooling only versions. Electric elements have spirally wound stainless steel fins to give increased area and low surface temperature. They are totally enclosed within the unit and are supplied with safety cutouts. An optional fan run-on timer for rapid heat dissipation is available.

Electric panel

Consists of:

Compressor contactor

Compressor protection breaker

Microprocessor with function display

All models are equipped with wire controller with the following features

• 7 days programmable timer

• Auto random restart

• Error self diagnostic

Safety protection

High pressure switch

Low pressure switch

Discharge temperature protection

Anti freezing protection


Water Cooled Packaged Unit
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