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Tent Packaged Unit
Application areas
• Outdoor big tents
• Hospitals, warehouses, schools, offices, hotels, theaters
• Outdoor events: exhibitions, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, beer festivals, sporting events

Why this choice?
• Self-contained packaged design
• Easy transportation
• Simple power connection
• Special unit structure design
• Long distance air supply

Self-contained package design

Easy installation with just connecting condensate drainage and electrical power supply, equipped with connecting plug.

Plenum chamber

3 meter height with better air circulation and strong air flow.

Long distance air supply

High external static pressure (max 350 pa) with 30 meter air throws.

Special unit structure design

The tent wall can be installed in between of evaporator and condenser with the gap of 100-150mm.

Digital controller

LED display, timer display, fan speed display, temperature display, error code display, mode display.

Easy maintenance

Air filter is easily dismantled and cleaned.


Tent Packaged Unit
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